Paint Booth Rental

The addition of a full size paint booth now allows Art Effects to make custom products with paint, stain and other finishes like leafing.

We can now create and manufacture items such as custom shaped picture frames, dimensional boxes, metalwork, sculptures, or anything that requires special ventilation.

Our booth offers a large 14' x 25' crossflow ventilation with filtered compressed air lines up to 140 psi, and 10 unit T-8 reflector lighting system for the optimal lighting in an enclosed area.  Entry doors measure 9'x9' opening.

Please inquire if you require the use of our paint booth for your next project as we offer this booth on a weekly rental basis only.


Customers supply their own hardware (paint guns, line filters, bunny suits) and consumables (paint chemicals, tapes, masking papers).


Weekly rates include 5 days only during business hours M-F.


We are now only offering a weekly rate of $500.

for 5 business days.

$100/day if extra days are needed.


* Liability waiver must be signed and on file. 

** Credit cards accepted.  3.50% processing fee applies.

*** Daily rate is for 24 hours and availability is only during business hours.

Download and Print the user contract here. 
Bring with you on the day of your rental.


Payment due on first day before work begins.

Read the FAQ items below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the booth have filtered air?

A:  Yes, the booth has double filtered air.  One filter at the tank and another at the booth.  Our air systems have an air dryer in insure that all of the compressed air is clean and has a low humidity level.  We recommend in-line filters at the spray guns for additional protection.

What can I paint in the booth?

A:  Anything that requires filtered ambient air.  Furniture, cars, metalwork, sculptures, etc.

Do I get any assistance with my project?

A:  No.  You rent the booth and you are on your own.  A staff person can help with heavy loads and moving objects but that rate starts at $50/hr with a 1/2 hour minimum.

Why kind of ventilation does the booth have?

A:  The booth is a cross flow booth design.  Air comes in from the back doors and goes towards the front and out of the ceiling.

Does anyone supervise the project i am working on?

A:  No.  You are on your own to do what you need as long as the work remains in the booth area and not out on the production floors.

Do you provide any materials?

A:  As of now, no.  You bring all the materials needed to prep and paint your project.

How long can I rent the booth for?

A:  As long as you need.  After 1 week, the day rental becomes additional $100 per day.  Each day is 24 hours.

Do weekends and holidays count for my paid days?

A:  If you rent a Friday at 10:00 am for example, you will have till the following Friday 10:00 am to only be charged for 1 week rental.  However you won't have access to your project over the weekend.  Holidays are the same as weekends and you won't have access to your project.

What if I can't finish my project within the time frame I originally thought?

A:  We do offer a 1 hour grace period to help you finish up.  Outside of that, it's another additional day rental.

Is this booth heated or does it have a baking system?

A:  No, it is not heated other than the warehouse ambient temperature heat.  Renters must provide their own radiant heat units. Power provided.  Heaters may not be used during the spraying process.

What are your holiday hours?

A:  Typically we are closed on federal holidays.  Christmas / New Years break is normally the whole week depending on what day Christmas falls.  Please call ahead and inquire for scheduling.

Can I rent the booth for an entire month?

A:  Yes.  We will work with clients to arrange special pricing for a month.  This price is limited to the same hours as we are open and no special access is granted outside of work hours. (7:30 am-5 pm, M-F) 

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