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Broad market manufacturing with a CNC router.


One would think that a CNC router is a rather unusual tool for a picture framing operation.  However in this industry, time and time again being able to reinvent the company strategy has been the one single thing that has kept us constant in the industry.  By diversifying into other markets it has helped keep the playing field level.


We made the investment in a CNC back in August of 2014 and since then our CNC has paid for itself more than twice.  Getting the word out to our clients (and of course new clients) has been pivotal to the success of the machine.  We are using it to cross over into industries that are not traditional to picture framing or even industries even related to framing.








The great thing about a machine with so much diversity is that there is not too many things it can't do.  (well, maybe not a nice breakfast plate and coffee but that's another blog post).

















As you can see from the photos, the designs are entered into the computer and refined with every detail.  Once that is complete then the information is sent to the machine for cutting.  2 dimensions or even 3 dimensions, a CNC router can do an amazing amount of items accurately and with replication precision.  


This particular machine can cut materials like MDF, Acrylic, polystyrene, ABS, plywood, OSB, foam sheets and many others listed here.    See more details on this page.






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Facemounted images on a frame
Hotel Room artwork manufacturing
3D rendering
Frames waiting for assembly
Matting waiting for assembly
Hospital rooms
3D modeling and printing
Hot/Cold Lamination
Parts cut on CNC router
Hospitality Art and Framing
CNC Routing and Fabrication
Packing to ship

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