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Finally a new beginning.


Well the move from our old location in Norcross has finally happened and has been completed.  It was a rather lengthy process but with the help of a great staff to make it all happen we finally got settled into the new location in Tucker, Ga.


 Our planning stages went back to June of 2015 when we started looking for a new place.  The rent in Norcross had gotten to be too high and for the amount of volume we were doing it didn't make economic sense to stay where we were.  Although we had been at that location since 1999, it was a nice location and a great facility.  Some of the perils of being in one place too long is that you accumulate too much junk.  We had spent the last year selling off inventory and throwing away junk that was no longer needed.  The inventory was so vast that we actually started another company online called to help move out most of the old and tired inventory.  It was amazing to see how much we had sold over the years just in the website alone.


But the thought of moving was rather insurmountable given the fact that we had so much heavy machinery and tooling to physically move a company.  Of course Art Effects has grown over the years and also accumulated a lot of capital.


 Fortunately we had found a location in Tucker, Ga. that was suitable for us to move into and was the same amount of space.  


So next time your thinking of a move think about all the junk you don't need or want to even put on a truck, you may be surprised what you can and cant live without.



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Facemounted images on a frame
Hotel Room artwork manufacturing
3D rendering
Frames waiting for assembly
Matting waiting for assembly
Hospital rooms
3D modeling and printing
Hot/Cold Lamination
Parts cut on CNC router
Hospitality Art and Framing
CNC Routing and Fabrication
Packing to ship

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