Picture Framing Services

Quality is what we are about.  We go to great lengths to insure that our clients are receiving a quality product every day.  The quality of the products we make are only as good as the quality of the machines that we own.  

Our production staff cuts all of the length materials used for producing picture frames with Italian made mitre saws for precise and acuurate cuts everytime.

In order to produce quality cuts and seamless mitered corners, our saw blades are sharpened every week.  

Wooden picture frame legs
Length picture frame moulding

We keep some of the most popular moulding profiles on hand so that we are ready to produce room samples or fulfill orders quickly.

Maufacturing is our strong suit and its what we do best of all.  No matter the quantities or the size we have built all types and sizes of picture frames for clients all across the country.

Or online e-commerce is a great outlet for finding last minute values and discounted framing supplies for short runs.  Click here to go to 5DollarFrames.com to see more of our value line.

Volume manufacturing is our hallmark and is what Art Effects has based its business model on since 1988.  Stacks of deep spaced mats are awaiting assembly into the frames.

These special printed mats are a service that we offer to clients with a special design or idea that highlights the design of the framing.

Direct printed matboards for hotel
Volume orders of frames for a hotel

These shadow boxed frames are awaiting the marriage of mats and glass into the final assembly.  We inspect every frame for defects and for damage during shipping so that our clients get a quality product no matter the number of units.

No job too big for our production capabilities.  Our workflow offers a most efficent method of cutting, joining, assembling, packing and shipping.

Our new facility was based on how well the workflow could be improved and many hours went into planning just how efficient it could be.

Final packing is how we design the proper method of shipping large amounts of framed artwork to the destination.

The staff will review the entire order to insure that what you ordered and what will be recieved is correct.  We take many precautions to eliminate damage and the product from becoming defective once it arrives on the property location.

Art Effects specializes in complete turn-key orders from the very beginning all the way to putting the order on the shipping truck.

Call us today for more information of how we can fulfill your next order.

Finished art awaiting shipping
Facemounted images on a frame
Hotel Room artwork manufacturing
3D rendering
Frames waiting for assembly
Matting waiting for assembly
Hospital rooms
3D modeling and printing
Hot/Cold Lamination
Parts cut on CNC router
Hospitality Art and Framing
CNC Routing and Fabrication
Packing to ship