Mirrors - Flat / Beveled

A mirror has long been regarded as an essential product for interior designers. If you wish to transform a space without buying new furniture or applying paint to walls, custom mirrors can work wonders. Perhaps you have a small bedroom and want it to feel larger and more open. If you apply a mirror along one wall, you can create the illusion of a room that is double the size. Adding a mirror can bring balance a room as well as promote a sense of openness, cleanliness, and freshness.

A strategically placed mirror can make a world of difference. Perhaps a home has a small bedroom with a window. If the mirror can be placed on the wall that is across from the window, the room will instantly feel larger and will appear to have a greater source of natural light. 

We provide our customers with quick lead times and an extra value because we do all of our own glass processing in-house.  We feature Italian made beveling machinery that is capable of bevel processing glass up to 60" in either direction.

We quality inspect and guarantee positive results with every mirror we produce.  No matter the quantity, large or small, we are here to be full service for your next project.

Need special shapes?  We do those too.  Please inquire about special geometry mirrors for any interior.

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