Acrylic Facemounting

Face mounting is a process that involves applying an optically clear adhesive to the face of the print.


Afterwards,  then its laminated by adhering the print to acrylic.  Once the print is adhered to the acrylic, a backing material like Dibond (best) or Sintra extruded PVC (polyvinylchloride) is adhered to the back of the print to protect the print and provide rigidity to the art.  The backer also provides the surface to adhere the hanging and floating hardware which provides that modern, floating off the wall look.

We can also add decorative hardware in the corners of the acrylic to enhance the security of any commercial application.

Image that has been face mounted on acrylic
Image that has been face mounted on acrylic

After lamination, we will take the mounted images back to our CNC router and make the clean outer cuts giving the art a nice semi-polished edge.  Not only is it clean it is consistent which it whats needed when you manufacture large quantities like Art Effects does.

We have taken this mounting process a step further and after the initial bond of the image to the artwork, we then take that and bound it to a flat faced frame for an added effect like no other.  This gives our clients a unique flavor to the wall decor and helps them to stand out from their competition. 

Image that has been face mounted on acrylic

Contact us for more information and to receive a quote for this special process.

Image that has been face mounted on acrylic
Facemounted images on a frame
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