3D Design, Rendering and Printing

Dimensional design is nothing new to the art world.  However finding a company that understands the implementation of these techs of the 3-D world into the art world might a little hard to come by.  

Traditionally we have always been a framing company, but with the advent of emerging technologies we now employ a small staff of talented computer artists that understand this world of rendering and design.  

Being able to see the finished piece before we even cut the first piece of material is a huge advantage when it comes to efficiency in manufacturing.

Concept wireframe

Solid model

Solid model wave sculpture
Wireframe of wave scuplture.
Final renerings of the client appoval

Final render for client approval


Layout of the master sheet in the computer.


Final assembly of the first piece.


Multiple pieces that have been duplicated.


Pieces have been painted and ready for packing.

Concept Renders

Layered Sculpture 1.jpg

Wooden topographical wall sculpture designed for a client concept.

Curved Metal 4.jpg

Metal sculpture designed and rendered in Blender™ studio software.

Hexagon Sculpture 5.jpg

Dimensional wall sculpture designed for a client concept.

3D Printing


Designs in software


3D Printers


Final output ready for finishing.


"Growth",  Cameron Nanney, 2019.  Awarded National Gold Medal from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards 2020 in the Film and Animation category.

Facemounted images on a frame
Hotel Room artwork manufacturing
3D rendering
Frames waiting for assembly
Matting waiting for assembly
Hospital rooms
3D modeling and printing
Hot/Cold Lamination
Parts cut on CNC router
Hospitality Art and Framing
CNC Routing and Fabrication
Packing to ship